MEC Retronatural - 2023 

MEC’s in-house brand released a limited edition collection of retro designs for the third year in a row. The previous two years leaned heavily on recreating moments from MEC’s past ‘catalogue’ years to make the heritage connection. For 2023 we invented a word - Retronatural - and dubbed our target audience the ‘young granola’, allowing us to add an esoteric bend to the campaign communications. 

From the concept statement: “Retronatural” piques interest, feels a bit dreamy, hints at the past while being rooted in nature. It’s a new and interesting way to lean into classics without using stodgy words like “heritage”.  

Role: Creative Director / Co-Art Direction
Co-Art Director:  Christine Charlebois
Copy:  Karen Benson
Photography:  Jeremy Lee

Instagram Story

Instagram story

In-store display