MEC Holidays

MEC 2019 - Happy Holidays Guaranteed

The very best gifts bring people together and unlock unique shared experiences.

There’s a special kind of satisfaction that comes from giving someone you love a gift, and knowing that you really nailed it. When you come to MEC, you trust that you’re going to find great gifts that spark that feeling. In fact, we guarantee it.

Role: Art Direction
Design: Fiona Cheng

Campaign landing page

MEC 2018 - Give Good Times Outside

Tying into the new ‘Good Times Outside’ brand campaign, I helped develop MEC’s ‘Give Good Times Outside’ holiday campaign. We started with branding of the concept incorporating everything from name, to typography to illustrative patterns that would tie the campaign together. In studio photo shoots were used for web, social and digital banners. 

Role: Art Direction, Concept, Branding
Design: Fiona Cheng

YouTube Bumper Ad

Holiday campaign landing page


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