MEC - Hello, old friend

In late 2021 I was part of a small team who spearheaded the re-re-branding of MEC, bringing back its iconic ‘twin peaks’ logo. The new / old logo’s first appearance on MEC branded gear was fittingly on a limited-edition release of retro inspired gear. Each piece of gear had a small tag with the words ‘Hello, old friend’ sewn into a hidden spot - a tag line we used for the relaunch of the logo. We leaned into the line, creating good vibes all around for the MEC faithful. 

Role: Creative Director
Copy:  Karen Benson
Photography:  Brenndan LairdWill Saunders

Instagram story -  Rad pants

Instagram story - hip pack

Rad Pants - 1989 and 2022


In-store display
In-store podium display